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Site Acquisition is a research process followed to find a property suitable for a specific use or for development purposes on behalf of an individual or a company. Properties are subject to many planning and institutional restrictions, depending on their location. Consequently, a thorough investigation by our team, supported by documentation, as well as all the necessary approvals is required in order for our prospective investors to make a safe choice. Indicatively, our team provides land acquisition services for: Industrial Buildings, Office Buildings, Residential Complexes, Shopping Malls, Cinemas, Hotels, Recreation Areas, Storage Buildings - Logistics, Mobile Phone Antennas, Photovoltaic Parks, Wind Parks etc. Our engineers carry out a legality check for any property and do research regarding land use, buildability, boundaries and area in relation to the legality of the property contracts. Any unconformities of property’s legality elements obviously result in changes in the commercial value, since the settlement or legalization costs set a new price for the property, thus offering a negotiation advantage to the new buyer. Evaluation of market prices on the basis of market information.
Creation of a Property Sale File.


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